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1 & 2-day mountain bike getaways in Costa Rica with local riders.

Costa Rica Ride Green Adventures is the pioneer for performance mountain biking adventures

in Costa Rica wilderness.

Operating in all country, our tour packages range from 1 to 15 day guided mountain bike adventure tours.

Experience Costa Rica from a different perspective and traverse a variety of terrains, from picturesque mountain trails to flowing single track in big game wilderness reserves.

Enjoy the ride with us!!!

There is always a lot of excitement getting into a national park​ and now we added an extra ingredient, get you on wheels. You will enjoy this place as never before, with the chance to walk over the natural trails to discover the waterfalls hided at the deep rain forest.

Location: Orosi, Cartago



Bajamar meaning is low tide and this is the adventure that we are going to show you the easy way to be at the beach in a short period of time. Bajamar will offer you a beautiful panoramic scenic view where you will be in love of this part of paradise. It is a small quiet town located at the Central Pacific.

Location: Central Pacific

This is one of the closest and nicer one day trip that we can offer, going all the way bordering the river you will enjoy the nature and probably you will crossing with some people doing kayaking, tubing, SUP or another kind of nature activity. The river will offer you a really nice quite environment.

Location: Central Pacific


Sugar Cane

"De la caña se hace el guaro que caramba si la caña es buena fruta, si la caña se machuca
que caramba si el guaro tambien se chupa..." the song says and that's exactly what we want to show you here, why the sugar cane is a really precious fruit in Costa Rica.

Location: Northern lands

Coffee Beans

There is no way that you can get a coffee tour with an adventure excitement like this one. This unique tour will mix the beans and wheels in one place. Do you want to taste it? Let's grab a cup of coffee over the wheels.

Location: Central Valley

A beautiful and unique adventure that will offer you to go around the bananas plantations, crossing the old swinging bridges build by the the workers; there are some people that says that are 5 bridges and there are some people that says that are 7, we challenge you to count them all.

Location: Northern lands

Swinging Bridges

Magsasay Jungle

The Magsasay Jungle Adventure Tour is an experience in Costa Rica with the Braulio Carrillo National Park at your doorsteps; you will learn to appreciate the spectacular complexity of the rain forest biodiversity, and the need to preserve it. 

Location: Northern lands

One of the best bike parks in town, if you love trails with the adrenaline going to the max this is your adventure. The bike park is located at the hills at the Central Valley that can give you a nice experience and view of San Jose town. You can play around as many times as you want up to 5 hours.

Location: Central Valley

Adventure Park

Riding over El Rodeo will give you the taste of our real countryside of San Jose. A lot of adventure that you can find at El Rodeo, even if you desire after ride you can have a horseback riding or hiking some trails around so you can chill out later own by the land at La Hacienda.

Location: Central Valley

El Rodeo

The funny crazy monkeys are Los Micos, so don't get distracted when riding, pretty dangerous! LOL!

At Los Micos trail you will enjoy one of the most famous trails going down the hill for about 7 km with a lot of fun and adrenaline.

Location: Central Valley

Los Micos

Let's have fun for hours on these trails that you will love and will not want to be back home. If you are crazy for trails with full adrenaline this is your adventure, Los Senderos is not going to let you down.

Location: Central Valley

Los Senderos

This is the longest adventure ride that you can find, will take you around 8 hours to go from the top of the world thru the Pacific Coast. This adventure will fill your entire expectations, 100% guarantees.

Location: Central Valley


There is no better experience such a riding over two volcanoes (one active) at the same time, crossing a land of a reach dairy farming.You will enjoy the best large downhill in town thru the Turrialba downtown. Do not miss the unique opportunity in the world to have this kind of adventure in a one-day trip.

Location: Central Valley


The rugged dry terrain of Guanacaste is one of the best places for mountain biking in Costa Rica. You can experience the adventure of mountain biking at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano at Hacienda Guachipelin.

Location: Guanacaste

Rincón de la Vieja

“This bike path allows people to see the environmental benefits and the benefits of this transportation system for the city and for the people’s well-being,” 

Location: Central Valley

San José Urban

Bike Path